A versatile Business Process and Systems Improvement professional with a broad track record helping organizations build internal efficiencies that generate higher productivity and more effective service capability.  PMP-certified, leads projects focused on schedule and budget overages, saving resources and integrating change.  Well-versed in the Professional Services and High Tech sectors, competencies readily transferrable to any complex and highly client-centered environment.

A skilled communicator, planner and organizer of people and processes – absolutely dedicated to high quality deliverables and stakeholder satisfaction at every level.  A leader, mentor and trainer.

Very active in social and community activities.  Inspires trust and respect with tireless dedication to excellence.

A well rounded and versatile person makes for a valuable employee.  


  • Project Management
  • Business Training
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Event Management
  • Training Development,Design & Delivery
  • Equip. Ops & Maintenance
  • Business Processes   
  • Asset Management
  • Active Directory User Mgmt
  • Office Health & Safety
  • A/V/VC Troubleshooting
  • Office Management
  • Budgeting & Administration
  • Community Affairs


  • Led Municipal Election campaign as candidate for office.  Attracted team of 30+ volunteers and $10K+ in donations.  Planned strategy and oversaw the overall execution.  Placed 2nd of 7 candidates.
  • Managed project that upgraded worldwide cost collection system, allowing for better integration to billing system and streamlined administration.  25+ Team members worldwide; $200K budget.
  • Personally developed an FAQ System for a software company which standardized responses to customer issues and increased the efficiency of the help desk department.
  • Developed Inventory/Asset Management System - providing tighter controls of computer and wireless equipment, disposal of obsolete equipment, office efficiency and stop loss.
  • Created processes that simplified the bulk user setup operations during a transition to a Cisco VoIP system which were implemented during the worldwide rollout.
  • Managed the Toronto portion of the worldwide upgrade of the office-wide Microsoft Office Suite which reduced impact on users and allowed the process to come in on time and on budget.
  • Contributed to the creation of several Health & Safety and Disaster Recovery plans, increasing worker and data safety.
  • Maintained all office equipment on an ongoing basis including service and maintenance contractors, budgets, contract renewals and periodic contract reviews.
  • Managed the team that handled the transportation needs of an international leadership meeting held in Toronto.  25+ volunteer team members; $10K budget.
  • Served on the team that developed and delivered experiential weekend seminars.  During my tenure as leader, team consisted on 30+ volunteers and $7k budget.  I now mentor the current leaders of this seminar.
  • Operate an ongoing Mobile DJ Service for over 25 years where I deal with suppliers, hall operators, event principals (brides, grooms, parents, planners, etc.) to establish and maintain need, schedules, budgets, and provide appropriate and effective entertainment for guests.


  • PMP (Project Management) certified since 2007 with an emphasis on team leadership and IT projects.
  • Customer & user focused
  • Highly skilled in Microsoft Office – 30 years of experience in the IT application support and system administration, most recently for a Toronto law firm.
  • Managed and maintained all forms of office, professional sound, home computing and office equipment including user support and repair contract maintenance.
  • Experienced, multi-faceted customer service specialist.
  • Led projects and teams for international convention, weekend seminars, meetings and training workshops of a volunteer community-service organization.
  • Trained and experienced leader, mentor and trainer.
  • Life Long Learner
  • Professional outlook with a strong and loyal work ethic.
  • Valid Class G driver's licence with a clean record.